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The Best Family Tourist Attractions Around Singapore

Safe, clean, efficient transportation, helpful locals, and kid-friendly food…These are just some of the reasons why Singapore is the ideal destination for family getaways. Not to mention the fact that it has a ton of family-friendly attractions that the young ones and the young once can all enjoy together.

In fact, the most difficult part of your trip will probably be choosing which places to fit into your itinerary. Singapore just has so much to offer on the family front. Best of all, parents find it so much easier to plan a trip here compared to other places in Asia because almost every establishment or service allows travellers to use credit cards. This greatly reduces the hassles of carrying cash and change, especially when you have to keep your eye out on the kids.

Thinking of Singapore for your next family holiday? Check out these must-visit attractions:

Gardens by the Bay

The Best Family Tourist Attractions Around Singapore

A truly iconic attraction in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is a favourite of families. It features several stunning gardens, but the most breathtaking of all are the conservatories: the cloud forest and the flower dome. You’ll see various colourful flora inside, plus it’s also much cooler compared to the humid temperatures outside.

Gardens by the Bay is equally awe-inspiring whether you choose to visit in the morning or in the evening. Don’t forget to bring a camera; there are numerous photo ops here. If your kids love nature, Gardens by the Bay should be on your itinerary.

Singapore Zoo

The Best Family Tourist Attractions Around Singapore

The Singapore Zoo is, hands down, one of Asia’s best! It’s home to several species of animals from polar bears, zebras, giraffes; even lions and tigers. Seeing these animals will probably be the highlight of your kids during this trip.

The Singapore Zoo is also so well-designed that it enables visitors to get close to certain animals. The enclosures are created in such a way that you’ll never feel too far from all the action, keeping you engaged and excited. To make the most out of your trip to the Singapore Zoo, try to catch a show or better yet, pay a small fee to feed an animal.

Singapore Science Centre

The Best Family Tourist Attractions Around Singapore

This massive museum will thrill both adults and kids alike. The Singapore Science Centre has enough rooms and attractions to keep you entertained for a full day, so make sure that you allocate enough time to maximize the museum. They have both indoor and outdoor attractions, and many shows that change throughout the year.

Kids will enjoy the many exciting things they can enjoy with all their senses. Depending on when you go, the centre may also have exhibitions that cost a little extra but it will be completely worth it. Otherwise, you can just pay for a normal ticket price to enjoy the Singapore Science Centre.

Sentosa Island

The Best Family Tourist Attractions Around Singapore

A list of family-friendly activities in Singapore simply wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Sentosa Island. The sheer amount of things you can enjoy with the whole family here can be overwhelming, but that’s a good thing! Many families choose to book a hotel near Sentosa Island because it can take up to four whole days to see and experience everything.

As the name implies, Sentosa is an island located just off Singapore filled with world-class modern facilities for all ages. The primary family attractions in Sentosa Island are Resorts World, SEA Aquarium, and Universal Studios.

There’s a ton of other attractions too, such as the Adventure Cove Waterpark, Tiger Sky Tower, Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, Port of Lost Wonder, Singapore Cable Car, Fort Siloso, and so much more!

Colonial District

The Best Family Tourist Attractions Around Singapore

Singapore’s Colonial District is home to lush, green spaces; historical attractions, and fun activities for the whole family. Take an afternoon stroll at Fort Canning Park, a nice respite from urban life. Then head over to the National Museum of Singapore, which kids will love. It features interactive, lively displays with lots of educational activities for all.

The Best Family Tourist Attractions Around Singapore
Image by: Shaun Wong [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0], via Flickr
What really stands out in the Colonial District is the Mint Museum of Toys; a kids’ paradise featuring 5 levels of all toys imaginable. There are over 50,000 toys to look at, hailing from 40 countries and some of them as far back as the 19th century. Although kids can’t play with the toys, they can marvel at the unique figures in all shapes and sizes.

The Best Family Tourist Attractions Around Singapore

Another interesting place in the Colonial District is the Singapore Philatelic Museum. It’s a stamp museum but having been designed with children in mind, there are a lot of other fun attractions to explore. It houses stamp displays, exhibitions, and a heritage room.

With all these exciting activities, you can’t go wrong choosing Singapore for your next family holiday.

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