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Getting To Sentosa Island

Getting to Sentosa Island

Getting to Sentosa Island is so easy, with a number of convenient options including taking a cable car, the monorail, getting a taxi, self-driving or by walking along the boardwalk.

Each is priced differently, so we will help you weigh up the benefits of each option here so that you can get to Sentosa Island in the most efficient way for you!

Getting to Sentosa Island, By Cable Car, Monorail, Car, Taxi or Boardwalk

Sentosa Island is Singapore’s playground and is a small island located just 1km south of Singapore Island. Connected to Singapore via a road, you can drive to Sentosa Island if you wish.

The cheapest way to get to Sentosa Island is to take the Sentosa Boardwalk from VivoCity Mall. The boardwalk is an easy way to get there as there is a covered walkway that has travelators (moving walkway) to transport visitors more efficiently. Entry to the island via the boardwalk costs $1. Skates, skateboards and cycling are not permitted on the Boardwalk.

If you intend to drive or take a taxi to Sentosa Island, you can access the island via the Sentosa Gateway. There is a flat rate charged per car for taxis which cost between $2-$6, depending on date and time of entry. The fee will be included in the taxi fare at the end of the ride. For those self-driving, there is a cashless system which charges per car. Visitors without a CashCard / Autopass will be given a payment advice and they may proceed to the Guest Services (after Sentosa Gantry) to make payment using cash or credit card. There are 5 car parks located on the island with the cost being around $3-$5 for the first 4 hours and $1-$2 for each hour thereafter.

If you would like to take the Monorail, head to Sentosa Station which is on level 3 of the VivoCity Mall. A Sentosa Pass is only $4 which covers admission to the island and a one-way ticket. The first monorail departs at 7am and the last returns at midnight.

Getting to Sentosa Island via the Cable Car system is certainly the most picturesque way to get there, but is also the most expensive. The cable cars depart from near the VivoCity Mall, so head up to Level 3 and follow the signs. You will be lead outside of the mall to Harbourfront Tower II. You can purchase your tickets there, no need to book in advance. If you intend to catch the cable car system all over the island, it is better to sign up for a yearly pass which will give you unlimited trips, all day. Otherwise, return trips are available for around $33 per adult.

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