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River Hongbao

River Hongbao

River Hongbao is an annual Lunar Chinese New Year event that is held in Singapore.

The celebration was founded in 1986 and, through the collaboration of the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Association, has been held each year since.

River Hongbao 2022, Singapore Festival, Programme, Dates & Times

River Hongbao brings out an awe-inspiring display of Chinese cultures and traditions. The word ‘Hongbao’ means Red Pocket, a New Year monetary gift that is believed to bring good luck to children and unmarried adults.

River Hongbao is the leading Lunar Chinese New Year event that draws people from all over the country seeking to experience fun-filled activities.

The 2021 River Hongbao exhibition focused on the Lion Dance performance, which is one of the intangible cultural heritage associated with Chinese New Year. The exhibition highlighted the origins of this traditional dance in Chinese culture, the different variants of Lion Dance and the history and evolution of lion dance troupes in Singapore. Additionally, the exhibition examined the components of a Lion Dance performance and the meanings behind the colours and design of the lion head to understand what makes for a stellar performance.

Year after year, there is a showcase of a selection of big, bright lanterns – not only because they make for great pictures, but also because they’re an integral part of Chinese culture. Traditionally, lanterns are displayed during the Chinese New Year to symbolise wishes for a brighter future and an auspicious year.

So head down to be in the heart of all the River Hongbao action.


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