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Tampines is the largest residential suburb in the city-state of Singapore and the second-largest commercial hub outside the central region of Singapore after Juron Lake District.

This area is located in the Eastern Region of the main island and its name is derived from the word ‘Tempinis’ which means a large forest of ironwood that was initially here in the 1900s.

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Tampines is densely populated with a population higher than other housing districts. It is densely packed with buildings which look the same. The large population has grown this town into a very liveable suburb with many social amenities like secondary schools, hotels, a hospital and international tertiary institutions like the United World College of East Asia (Tampines campus).

For those wishing to stay in Singapore, this suburb is an ideal place to stay because house rental here is as low as $500 a month. Transportation is also well developed in Tampines. The area has a network of expressways, Tampines Expressway, the Pan-Island Expressway and arterial roads permitting easy movement within the suburb as well as links to nearby islands.

Tampines has several populous parks, the Sunplaza Park, the Tampines Bike Park at the junction of Tampines 7 and 9 and the Tampines Eco Green, just to name a few. Unofficial parks like Tampines Quarry Park area is also popular amongst residents. The Sunplaza Park and Tampines Eco Green are actually better parks which have an axis of green amongst the closely packed houses.

If you wish to go shopping, there are a number of options here. There are three malls located here that offer pretty much everything at a cheaper price than shops on Orchard Road.

Although Tampines may not be as glitzy or glamorous of the Singapore state-city, it is a typical suburb of Singapore. Tampines has its very own charm which makes it a good place to live and more so an interesting place to visit. Click the link below for a great range of accommodation deals.

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