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Singapore is located in the Malay Peninsula, is a major tourist destination and is one of the most progressive cities in the world.

Therefore it is no surprise that Singapore has a huge range of hotel accommodations available to suit all travellers from 5-star resorts, luxury hotel suites, to smaller boutique hotels.

Hotels Singapore, 5 Star, Cheap & Budget Hotels, Orchard Road

If you aren’t afraid to spend up big, then you will have no trouble finding suitable accommodation in Singapore as there is no shortage of luxury 5-star hotels in and around the city. All 5-star hotels offer guests a night of opulence with immaculate rooms, personalised service and some of the best restaurants on offer. You will find spas, pools, bars, concierge services and airport transfers are all included in your luxury stay.

If you are looking for something exceptional without the price tag, there are a large number of hotels in Singapore that provide excellent services and amenities, at a cheaper price. You will find a large range of boutique hotels which fit the bill. Here you will find cosy guest rooms with spacious bathrooms, large flat screen TV’s, free Wifi and often a pool and fitness centre.

If you are after a budget hotel, you will find Singapore is still able to provide clean and modern rooms, but without the added extras of a hotel pool or on-site restaurant.

There are so many hotels to choose from in Singapore, you will certainly find something to suit your budget and needs. Click the link below to start exploring the range of hotels available in Singapore.

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