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i Light Singapore

i Light Singapore is the leading sustainable light art festival in Asia.

This unique light art festival displays many innovative and creative installations, many of which utilise recycled materials created by artists from Singapore and abroad.

i Light Singapore 2024 Dates, Light Art Festival & Map, Marina Bay

This event has been held annually for three weeks since 2010 and is now one of Singapore’s signature festivals.

The installations are placed around the stunning Marina Bay, a truly iconic landmark of the country. In line with the theme of sustainability, there will also be a series of workshops and talks tackling important earth issues throughout the festival.

As Asia’s leading sustainable light festival, i Light Singapore is powered through energy savings from the ‘Switch Off, Turn Up’ campaign, where participating stakeholders and building owners around the Bay and beyond are encouraged to switch off non-essential lighting and turn up air conditioning temperatures during the festival period.

Beyond the showcase of visual art and urban space, the festival offers a dynamic lineup of events and programmes, including performances, dining options, workshops, and family-friendly activities.

Each year, artists are invited to explore various forms of sustainability and sustainable living – environment, economy, and culture – and examine how light art can create conversations about our lifestyles, decision-making, and the community.

i Light Singapore will return for its tenth edition in 2024.

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