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Orchard Road

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is a 2.2-kilometre one-way boulevard lined with retail outlets, along with distinctive hotels and restaurants.

It is a popular tourist attraction that has become one of Singapore’s premier entertainment hubs, generously decorated with flower boxes and other greeneries.

Orchard Road Singapore – Hotels, Shopping Maps & Restaurants

Historically, Orchard Road was a plantation where fruits and pepper were grown and what followed was a massive shopping and trading precinct. Today, you will find world-class restaurants, Singapore’s best hotels and a huge range of retail stores.

The street is not short of shopping malls and boutiques that will certainly please shoppers in search for the most opulent brands. Here, you will find limited edition designer pieces as well as high-street fashion outlets in the likes of Armani and Dior.

Orchard Road extends west to Istana Park, the official residence of the President of Singapore. Further west, the road leads to the famous Botanic Gardens, another popular tourist attraction in the city. Tourists and locals can get in and around this extended road through the two train stations located just along the boulevard. The stations are named Orchard and Dhoby Ghaut.

During Christmas, Orchard Road transforms into an enchanting winter shopping wonderland. The whole stretch of the road is laden with decorations in the hues of our favourite Christmas colours. In an effort to make the shopping malls and other establishments more festive and creative, Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) even conducts a “best-dressed building” competition judged throughout the Christmas season. People then get the chance to cast their votes online through ORBA’s new mobile application.

Explore the avenue by walking down the ample pedestrian mall, and take a well-deserved rest under the shade of the historic Angsana trees that grace the sidewalks.

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