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Emerald Hill

Emerald Hill

Emerald Hill is a charming, picturesque neighbourhood located in Orchard and Newton areas of Singapore.

This historic area is renowned for having some of the most vibrant and colourful houses in the country, home to an affluent community predominantly made up of Peranakan Chinese.

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The area’s rich history dates back to the 1800s when it was once covered in rainforest. The arrival of Chinese immigrants resulted in much of the land being transformed into a pepper plantation.

This marked the beginning of development and commercialisation in the area, but during the Japanese occupation, new houses were no longer being built. By the 1950s, a majority of the original Peranakan residents had moved out, and the land was converted into flat buildings.

Several surviving buildings were built from 1905 to 1925, and the elegant charm of these old shophouses are a massive draw for tourists in this area. Art deco and Chinese Baroque are among the other notable architectural styles still seen here today.

Due to steep sale and rental costs for the properties in this prime location, many of the old houses were converted into shops and other businesses, such as hip bars and cute cafes.

The area is worth visiting and makes for a relaxing stroll after a day of shopping in Orchard Road. The houses are designed in stunning Peranakan architecture peppered with some antiques. Aside from serving as a residential area for the wealthy, there are numerous hip establishments found here. The main road was constructed in 1901; soon after, Peranakan shop houses began to sprout.

One of the main attractions in Emerald Hill is Peranakan Place, which was built in 1985 alongside its designation as a conservation area by the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Peranakan Place is a restored lane of 6 shophouses designed in the vibrant Straits Chinese style of design.

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