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Chingay Parade

Chingay Parade

The Chingay Parade is without doubt one of the most important events in Singapore, and it’s when street floats, clowns, dancers, acrobats, jugglers and many other performers can be seen in the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

The origin of the parade is from China, where processions were made in honour of the Lunar New Year for two weeks in preparation for the arrival of the spring.

Chingay Parade Singapore 2021 Dates, Route, Floats and Fireworks

The meaning of the name ‘Chingay’ comes from its Hokkien dialect equivalent, which means ‘The Art of Costume and Masquerade’. The first Chingay Parade in Singapore was held on February 1973, and it was so well received that it has traditionally continued until today.

The celebration is incredibly popular; it is filled with colourful performances, intricate and interesting costumes, fabulous lights and people in every direction. One of the main highlights of this event is the unique street floats that are made with superb attention to detail.

Many artists from Singapore and other countries are invited to perform during the event, and the multicultural flavour that can be seen and felt has turned the Chingay Parade into a very enjoyable experience for all visitors and Singaporeans alike.

Each year, the festival hosts float, dancing dragons, prancing lions, stilt walkers, wushu masters, performers of different races in their traditional costumes and much more! Tickets must be purchased for this event.

Look out for these exciting highlights at Chingay 2021:

  • The release of 200-metre long firecrackers
  • A special PA60 Bridge of Harmony Float co-created by the community
  • An exciting showcase of skilled acts and special talents
  • Multi-ethnic cultural performances by local talents and international acts, with elaborately-decorated floats
  • A stunning display of lights, lasers, pyrotechnics and fireworks

To get to the festival, you will need to head down to the F1 Pit Building at the Marina Waterfront, where the festivities are being held. The main event can be expected to last two hours and is always a massive visual spectacle that includes hundreds of colourful parade floats, fireworks and multi-cultural performances.


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