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Chingay Parade

Chingay Parade

The Chingay Parade is undoubtedly one of the most important events in Singapore, and it’s when street floats, clowns, dancers, acrobats, jugglers and many other performers can be seen in the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

The origin of the parade is from China, where processions were made in honour of the Lunar New Year for two weeks in preparation for the arrival of spring.

Chingay Parade Singapore 2023 Dates, Route, Floats and Fireworks

The name ‘Chingay’ comes from its Hokkien dialect equivalent, which means ‘The Art of Costume and Masquerade’. The first Chingay Parade in Singapore was held in February 1973, and it was so well received that it has traditionally continued until today.

Chingay now owns the reputation as one of Asia’s largest street performances and float parade, which is a colourful epitome of the country’s multicultural society.

Chingay Parade Singapore is back to F1 Pit! Join us as we stride into the first year after its Golden Jubilee, presenting an entirely different experience of arts, culture, and heritage set in a musical format to mark a new beginning.

Chingay Parade 2023 completes the trilogy that began with 2021’s “Light of Hope”, followed by 2022’s “Ignite Our Dreams” and 2023’s “Embrace Tomorrow”. It calls on Singaporeans to treasure the present and embrace tomorrow together as a community with hope, dream, and confidence as we commit to a brighter Singapore.

Indulge in the colourful and vibrant Chingay Parade brought to you by the diverse talents and multi-ethnic community, performed in front of a street-style container art backdrop that is co-created by youths.

Be enticed by the return of the iconic Chingay floats and 17 community co-created mini floats, which exemplify our strong community spirit and togetherness.


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  • Hi,
    Can you tell is the different between parade 1 and 2.
    We are visiting Singapore from februar 13 to februar 20, 2019.
    What do you recomend is to see ??
    And can we ordet tickets from your company ??
    Best regards from Marit

    • Hi Marit,

      Unfortunately, the details for 2019 are pretty slim at this point, but looking at the parade back in 2018, there doesn’t appear to be much difference between the 2 nights – just that the Saturday night is more expensive. As we aren’t a ticketing/tour agency, so you aren’t able to buy anything through us (unless one of our partners offers the tickets), so it’s best to check back on the official website at a later date.

      As for what to see and do in Singapore, without knowing where you are staying, likes, ages, etc – it’s difficult to suggest what you should see while in the city. I would suggest reading through the list of attractions listed over here, but at least put aside some time to check out the Marina Bay area (The Merlion, Marina Bay Sands) and also 1-2 days out at Sentosa Island.


    • Hi Julie,

      I have looked at the official website, and unfortunately there is really no information about ticket sales at this point.

      Looking at previous year’s events, they do appear to go on sale around mid-October and they are available to be purchased online.


  • Hi, how to register as dance participant? How about accommodation? We’re a traditional dance group, who once were elected among 24 countries for the DancingJoyMovie this June.

    • Hi Francis,

      The Chingay Parade dates are yet to be confirmed by the organisers for 2019.

      Last year, it occurred 1 week after Chinese New Year. If the same principle is followed for 2019, it may be somewhere between 11-17 of February 2019. This is an estimate. Check back with us and we will confirm once the dates are announced.

      Best regards,

      • hello Jess,

        I need to kown so soon as possible, while I need to book my planes to N.Z. and back.
        for me also, it’s about the 15/16 february 2019…


  • Hi.. We are travelling to Singapore to experience Chinese new year celebrations (16 Feb’18- 20 Feb’18). Could you please help me to know the best places to visit during this time. Where can I get the tickets for Chingay Parade?

      • Thanks Jess for the info. Looks like that I won’t be able to attend the Chingay Parade as I would be leaving Singapore on 20th Feb . However, what are major attractions (any parades) during the Chinese new year time -16th & 17th Feb 2018 in Singapore?

  • Hello from London,
    I am travelling to Singapore on 10th Feb.

    Please let me know what is planned for ’12 February 2017 for Chinatown Fiesta’ so I can buy tickets and the location for the event.

    Thank you.

  • Hello, We are coming to Singapore exactly on the 11th and wish to see the Parade. Could you please specify, what is the difference between the events on 10-11 February 2017 at F1 Pit Building and the Chinatown Fiesta on 12 February? Any details about the programme? And when it comes to tickets, what is Parade 1 vs Parade 2? How could we buy tickets online?
    Thank you! Anna

    • Hi Carol,

      It looks like you will miss the Chingay Parade in Singapore as it is scheduled for 10-11 February 2017.

      You will be there however for the Chinese New Year celebrations with the main events running on 28-30 January. Head to Chinatown for the main events, there is no program as yet, but check back with us and I will update our site with new information as it comes to hand.

      Enjoy your stay in Singapore!

What date is the Chingay Parade?
Where is the Chingay Parade located?
What is the Chingay Parade address?
What are the Chingay Parade entry prices?
Sector A
Cat 1: $50
Cat 2: $40
Cat 3: $28.50

Sector B: $20
Sector C: $20
Sector D: $20

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