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Singapore Rugby Sevens

Singapore Rugby Sevens

The Singapore Rugby Sevens is an exciting rugby event that usually takes place each April.

Sixteen of the best men’s rugby players battle it out on the field, but the event is punctuated by roving bands and a lively party atmosphere.

Singapore Rugby Sevens 2023 Dates, Tickets, Prices, Schedule & Teams

Like the other Rugby Sevens, these games are shorter compared to the traditional way of rugby. Teams play games made up of 7 players, on a full-size pitch. Shorter games and fewer players create an exciting atmosphere as the battles are much quicker, resulting in a rugby competition that’s thrilling to watch.

Coming in fancy dress and funny costumes is part of the Rugby Sevens experience; no matter where it’s held, the same applies to Singapore’s version. The weekend will also feature rugby-themed activities and games for kids and adults.

The Singapore Rugby Sevens is not just a weekend of sport; it’s a full weekend of fun for everyone whether you’re a rugby fan or not. It’s no surprise it’s been voted Best Sports Event of the Year internationally, from 2016 – 2017.

It takes place at the National Stadium on Stadium Drive in Singapore, which boasts the world’s biggest free-spanning dome and state-of-the-art facilities for sports fans. It’s also conveniently linked up with public transportation from the city centre, so getting around the city will be a breeze. A great selection of food and drink will be served throughout the weekend.

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