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Viva La Fiesta

Singapore Flamenco Festival

The Singapore Flamenco Festival will challenge you to re-imagine what TIME could mean to you, through the lens of timeless Flamenco.

The groundbreaking Reflections of Time: Triple Bill starts with a dance drama of a man tethering between the borders of past and present; then a meditation of the meaning of time in TS Elliot’s Burnt Norton, and lastly, a de-construction and interplay of rhythms, time and space between 3 cultures.

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The Golden Age of Flamenco brings us back in time to a period where the history of Flamenco was created.

We pay tribute to the purity of music, dance, and song that make our archives come alive with 4 of the best Flamenco artists in Spain today – featuring Luis de Luis, Claudia la debla, Miguel Lavi and David Caro.

Finally, the final production, Viva La Fiesta! – brings us back to our present and launches us into the future. Through an immersive and experiential production in a shared arts environment, we weave flamenco into present lives and future dreams in all its kaleidoscope of colours.

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