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Located in central Singapore, Rochor is famous for its vast and sprawling commercial and shopping centres.

Rich in history and diversity, Rochor boasts magnificent Buddhist temples, awe-inspiring Christian churches and grand Muslim mosques.

Rochor Singapore, Bugis Street Shopping, MRT & Hotel Accommodation

The most well-known and famous district in Rochor is the lively Bugis Street, which is a shopping mecca for travellers. Everything from fortune tellers to clothing can be found on this street for very low prices.

In fact, the range of products offered is so wide that you can often buy CD’s and other electronics products from stalls that sell garlands and perfumes. Of course, some travellers might view this as particularly dubious, so if you harbour distrust towards how cheap the products on Bugis street are, then by all means feel free to venture towards the various shopping malls centred throughout the city which stock familiar brands.

There are also many street vendors in Rochor and you can get a very delicious meal from them for a very low cost. In fact, most meals from a vendor will not exceed $7. The staple street food is pork and rice which never fails to satisfy and is usually only around $2-$3.

Luckily there are a few choice hotels that are located within Rochor, although the prestigious Hotel 81 is the most highly rated. So, if you are looking for accommodation in Singapore, click the link below to find the best deals.

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