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Singapore’s National Day

Singapore’s National Day

Singapore’s National Day is held each year on the 9th of August in memory of Singapore’s freedom from Malaysia in 1965.

On this day, there is a National Parade, a speech from the Prime Minister of Singapore and a huge fireworks display.

Singapore’s National Day, 2024 Date, Parade, Speech & Fireworks

On National Day, there is plenty of entertainment for spectators, including sky diving, choir performances, school bands and presentations. Then, a huge parade follows where locals and visitors can watch a multicultural parade featuring music, dancing, military personnel, police, schools and many businesses.

There are also displays of Singapore’s defensive capabilities through flyovers by the military. Afterwards, a massive fireworks display is set against the stunning city skyline framed by the Marina Waterfront and singing the National Anthem.

On the second Sunday following the National Day, a speech is issued by Singapore’s Prime Minister called the National Day Rally. The rally has been a yearly occasion since 1966, and the Prime Minister utilises it to address the country’s key difficulties and future prospects. It is comparable to the ‘State of the Union Address’ conveyed by the President of the United States.


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