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Singapore International Film Festival
Image by: Jack MataXatu [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0], via Flickr

Singapore International Film Festival

Filmmakers, lovers, critics and students have a reason to celebrate with the onset of the iconic Singapore International Film Festival.

This film festival is the most prominent and longest-running film festivals in Singapore having been held annually since 1987.

Singapore International Film Festival, 2022 Dates, Tickets & Program

The festival was founded to showcase and support home-grown talents both experienced and new to the industry and international films while putting Asian Cinema on the global stage.

The festival spans 12 days and screens more than 200 films from all over the world. Recognised by international film critics for its successful promotion of the Asian film industry, the festival has evolved to become one of the most popular festivals in Singapore with over 100,000 film lovers attending each year.

Fun-filled and educational, it strikes the delicate balance between education and entertainment. The vast array of activities that are part of this event is enough to fill a film fanatic’s dreams.

Many films are screened here that have yet to be released commercially, which makes tickets to this festival sought after. Films are not only screened at the festival, but award ceremonies are held where the festival honours celebrated films with awards in several different categories.

The event is also popular with film students seeking to extend their knowledge in film and prop making, camera work, screenwriting, make-up and visual effects. The festival provides a steady stream of education through its masterclasses, workshops, seminars and talks.

So come on down to the Singapore International Film Festival and discover something new!

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Shaw Lido Filmgarde Bugis+ Golden Village The Projector, Redrum The Arts House, Chamber Carnival Golden Mile, All Over Singapore, Singapore

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