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Singapore Design Week

Singapore Design Week

Singapore Design Week is a yearly design expo that showcases local and international design initiatives.

Organised by the DesignSingapore Council, the event is open to the general public, design community, design students, businesses, entrepreneurs, and the public sector officers.

Singapore Design Week 2023 Dates, Events, Venues, Activities & Lectures

Although a recent addition to the event calendar, this design expo has now become one of Asia’s largest design festivals.

Design thought leadership is encouraged to stimulate innovation and encourage finding solutions to design problems while inspiring communities and enriching lives. The exhibition provides a platform for the professionals and creatives alike to gather and experience design through a curated program of events.

Key programmes usually involve industry partners and big names in the local and international design circuit, who share information and dialogue in symposiums and seminars.

There are several exciting events taking place throughout Singapore throughout the week. These include pop-up exhibitions, interactive and craft workshops, giant artwork, shopping markets, sustainable design workshops, and street parties, among others.

Singapore Design Week also features other satellite events such as the annual SingaPlural. Most of the events are free of charge.

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