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Singapore Improv Festival

Singapore Improv Festival

The Singapore Improv Festival is an annual multi-day event featuring the most talented improv actors from the city and abroad.

Sparked by diverse suggestions from the audience, the unscripted stories created by the actors result in one of the most entertaining shows around.

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Expect tales of adventure, horror, love, science fiction, and much more during the shows, all of which have been entirely made up on the spot. No practice is involved, as spontaneity is the nature of improv entertainment.

Performances feature 30 to 40 teams with several shows throughout the festival, plus fun workshops for the audience. See theatre acts unlike anything you’ve ever seen, or learn a few improv tricks. The performances and workshops are open to everyone, even if you have no experience with improv.

The Improv Company organises the Singapore Improv Festival, a group dedicated to popularising and instructing world-class improvised theatre.

Due to the mature content of some shows, attendees should be at least 16 years of age to enjoy. Ticket prices vary; passes to individual shows and bundles are available.

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