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Japanese Film Festival

Japanese Film Festival

The Japanese Film Festival of Singapore is held annually, dedicated entirely to Japanese cinema.

Organised by the Japan Foundation and the Japan Creative Centre, the film festival takes place for several weeks at the start of every year.

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It seeks to connect the Japanese film industry with the Asia-Pacific film market while providing a platform for film enthusiasts to meet online and offline. Additionally, the festival increases interest in Japanese cinema while creating new markets for films.

Launched back in 1983, the film fest is one of the longest-running film events in Singapore. It showcases a range of genres, including mystery, horror, documentaries, Japanese currents, and more.

Occasionally, directors and other celebrities in Japanese films make their way to Singapore to attend the festival.

The Japanese Film Festival movies are shown at different times throughout the festival. Venues change yearly, with Shaw Theatres LIDO on Orchard Road being the main venue for the festival, with *SCAPE and The Projector showing a range of short films and classics.

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Where is the Japanese Film Festival located?
What is the Japanese Film Festival address?
Shaw Theatres Lido - 5th/6th floor, 350 Orchard Rd, Shaw House, Singapore The Projector, Golden Mile Tower - 5th floor, 6001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Tower, Singapore Oldham Theatre - National Archives of Singapore, 1 Canning Rise, Singapore Our Tampines Hub (OTH) - 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore, Orchard, Singapore

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