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Mint Museum Of Toys

Mint Museum of Toys

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Located at Seah Street between Hotel Raffles and Bras Basah Complex, the Mint Museum of Toys brings a fun and exciting experience for kids and adults alike.

Catch the MRT, as it only takes a few minutes to walk to this fantastic place from Bugis MRT station or City Hall.

Mint Museum of Toys Singapore, Admission Fee & Opening Hours

With a huge collection of more than 50,000 toys, many of which are rare and antique, these toys have been collected from over 50 different countries. Most of the toys are arranged by theme, so you will have no trouble navigating through this huge museum to find your favourites.

Within the Mint Museum of Toys, you will find a huge range of comic characters, collectable toys, toys based on outer space themes and all-time favourites such as Mickey Mouse, Batman, Robby Robot, Dan Dare and hundreds of other. Parents will get nostalgic by looking at Batman toys, teddy bears, dolls and so much more.

It is believed that this collection is one of the biggest in Asia. Each exhibit brings detailed information, about the unique features or historic importance of the toy, game or doll. Some of the toys are rare specimens with a very high value.

The Mint Museum of toys portrays these objects not just something that kids are fascinated about but underlines its importance in the physical and mental development in an interesting way. There are events and activities all-year round commemorating moments of national, international and festive significance. It is possible to celebrate private events and functions as well by contacting the marketing executives of the museum.

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