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Singapore MRT

Singapore is popularly known as the Garden City of Southeast Asia which, due to its size, is easy to navigate and only takes a short time to get from North to South, or East to West.

Aside from taxis, the most common mode of transportation in Singapore is the MRT, also known as the “Mass Rapid Transit” system.

Singapore MRT, Ticket Prices & Fares, Maps & Routes

The MRT system operates both elevated and underground services which are operated by SMRT Trains Ltd and SBS Transit. The former is responsible for North-South, East-West and Circle lines while the latter manages the North-East line.

All trains are air-conditioned and are well maintained. The North-East line operated by SBS is also an automated underground rail system which operates from Punggol to Harbourfront. Aside from being one of the most modern MRT systems in the world, the advanced features of the trains make them some of the safest in the world.

One of the unique features also of the Singapore MRT system is the use of destination numbers instead of usual line numbers. The train lines are also distinguished by colour: The Green Line travels east/west, the Red Line travels north/south. Like most train operators, a contactless smartcard required for each passenger which is scanned when entering or exiting the station.

Although fare prices vary depending on the boarding and alighting stations, you can store money on these cards in order to take multiple journeys over your extended stay. A single trip for an adult start from $1.40 and can be purchased from ticket machines at the stations. Usually, the train operation starts daily at 5.30am and runs until midnight with peak hours between 7am to 9am.

Announcements are made in English as is all signage. To get to and from Changi Airport, you can take the East/West (green) line. Simply follow the signs from the arrivals hall to the MRT. You can purchase a one-way ticket with cash or credit for about $1.40 each way. Take the train and get off at the second stop ‘Tanah Merah’, you need to interchange here and it is extremely simple as the ongoing train is just across the platform. The train will continue on the green line heading towards the city. If you need to get on a Purple Line, you can change at Bugis. If you need to get on a Red Line, change at City Hall. A one-way train trip from City Hall to Changi Airport only takes around 15 minutes.


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