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SEA Aquarium

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The S.E.A Aquarium Marine Life Park is one of the most enchanting tourist attractions in Singapore.

The aquarium features over 100,000 sea creatures and 800 species from 40 diverse habitats. It features amazing sea life such as lionfish, sea dragons, manta rays, boxfish, hammerhead sharks, sea jellies, and moray eels, amongst many others.

SEA Aquarium, Ticket Prices, Deals & Opening Hours, Singapore

The unique architectural design of the building allows visitors to step beneath the ocean and view marine animals in their natural habitat. On the lower floor, people of all ages are amazed as they gaze through the tall glass walls into the depths of the Java Sea. An enormous shipwreck has become home to a flourishing habitat for batfish, grouper and pompano.

Children will love the interactive learning displays which teach them about starfish, sea cucumbers and sea urchins. They squeal with delight as they get the opportunity to actually touch these interesting sea creatures.

One of the most popular spots allows visitors to gaze at playful bottlenose dolphins and large schools of colourful fish which swim together gracefully in perfect unison. Sea jellies with long translucent tentacles also appear to perform a coordinated dance.

The Open Ocean room offers a close-up view of captivating sea life. Just beyond the glass walls, leopard sharks, mahi-mahi and manta rays swim right before your eyes. The aquarium also showcases sea life from diverse places in the world including the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, East Africa and the South China Sea.

The Shark Seas room displays a magnificent variety of habitat of sharks. It includes some endangered species like the scalloped hammerhead shark as well as deadly silvertip sharks and giant sandbar sharks.

No visit is complete without visiting the Maritime Experiential Museum which brings Asia’s maritime history to life. When you get hungry, stop by the Ocean Restaurant for a mouth-watering meal designed by the famous, Cat Cora. For a quick bite, S.E.Aside Snacks offers sandwiches, hotdogs and pastries.

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What is the SEA Aquarium address?
What are the SEA Aquarium opening hours?
Open daily at 10am
Closing time varies between 5pm - 7pm depending on season

Please visit our website for more information on the SEA Aquarium.
What are the SEA Aquarium entry prices?
Regular Pricing
Adult: $41
Child (4-12yrs): $30
Child (Under 4): Free

Please visit our website for more information on the SEA Aquarium.
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