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Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso lies in the north-western side of Sentosa Island and was established in the 1880s when the residents used it for protection against the invasion from its rivals.

Currently, the fort acts as a museum which displays a variety of military artillery used during the war time era. The fort attracts domestic and international visitors who come to the region to enjoy the exhibits and collections on display.

Fort Siloso Singapore, Sentosa Skywalk & History Tour Museum

The fort is famous for its collections and exhibits that rekindle past memories of battles won and lost. Furthermore, the museum has principal collections of memorabilia regarding the Second World War. In the fort, you will see the weapons used during battles and understand the magnificent role played by the fort at the time.

Guided tours through tunnels leads visitors across several attractions within the fort and shows cannons, photographs, film clips and guns that were used in the past. Due to the limited capacity of the fort, the number of individuals who can access the tunnels at a given time is restricted to about 20 people at any one time.

The fort houses a comprehensive collection of about 200 films, photographs and exhibits. The exhibits include a huge range of guns, ammunition and other military equipment.

There is now a Skywalk that leads visitors over to Fort Siloso where you can get views of the western parts of Sentosa Island. So make sure to visit Fort Siloso on your next visit to Singapore.

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  • Good Day,

    I’m from 11c4I Battalion, LCP Nicolas Wong.

    Can i check if Fort Siloso has guided tours? If so, are there any available tours in the morning on 8th August 2018 for our NE tour? I’m looking at 240 pax

    Hope to hear from you soon


    • Hi Nicholas,

      No, guided tours are not offered. However for such a large group, you might want to contact the attraction directly to see if they could make some suggestions about how best to navigate the attraction. Call +65 6736 8672.

      Best regards,

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