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How To Enjoy Singapores Best Camping Sites

How to Enjoy Singapores Best Camping Sites

Quality time in Singapore is not only defined by unlimited shopping and fine dining, but also the desire to enjoy nature’s best attractions. Setting up a tent while communing with life away from the comforts of home is not only inexpensive but also refreshing.

Singapore’s natural charm welcomes you with warmth as you spend a night or two under the starlit skies in the best camping destinations within the city. Before you pack your camping gear, here are a few things you should do to ensure you enjoy a night in the outdoors for your next weekend getaway.

Choosing the right location:

Choosing the right location to spend the night outdoors depends on who are you with and what types of interests you share. If you want to walk alongside your spouse or partner amidst a lush lineup of mangrove trees, then choose Pasir Ris Park. On the other hand, rekindle childhood memories with your friends or kids through fun activities like kite flying and a ninja obstacle course set on the large lawn in West Coast Park.

Camping is not just about erecting a tent and simple cooking it is reminiscing about the fun times you spent with friends and family and you enjoy the outdoors.

Securing the permit:

An NParks Parking Permit enables anyone to apply for camping privileges in Pasir Ris Park, East Coast Park and West Coast Park for free. You need to make sure that you are at least 16 years old with a valid residential address in Singapore and don’t own any existing permit at the time of application. You will be allowed four days of camping each month for one tent at a time.

There are other areas in Singapore where you can camp without a permit. Check out Pulau Ubin which can be accessed by boat for $3 per person. Once reaching Pulau Ubin, you can choose to ride a bike for transport. Do not forget to inform the police post in the area about your presence, especially if you choose to stay overnight.

Preparing camping must-haves:

Different people need different kinds of camping essentials. However, basic needs are similar for everyone regardless of race, age and interests. Toiletries, clothes, cooking equipment, tents, medical kit and easy-to-cook food are examples of generic essentials. Here are a few additional things you should not forget:

  • Tent, As much as possible, buy a tent that is lightweight but is durable enough to protect you from varying temperatures. A tent made to stand is ideal due to the warm temperature year round in Singapore. The size depends on the number of campers who will be sleeping overnight.
  • Portable stove, After strolling, hiking, playing and engaging in other physical activities, food is your first reward, and nothing beats the excitement in cooking your first outdoor meal. A portable stove can be used to heat instant noodles or boil water for coffee. Of course, you can build a campfire and roast marshmallows, meat and other items as well
  • Sleeping bag, Get protection from the cold hard ground with a sleeping bag. Wrap yourself in warmth and cosiness amidst the varying outdoor temperatures.
  • Flashlight or headlight, Natural light may not be enough for you to find your way or see what’s around you, especially at night. A flashlight can be helpful, especially when you camp in areas far from other campers or artificial lighting.
  • Power bank and extra batteries, Although communing with nature relieve you from the comforts of technology, having your phone charged is essential for getting directions and help if required. Power bank, extra cells and other portable chargers can keep your mobile phones alive for security and entertainment.
  • A list of emergency hotlines, Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Write down emergency hotlines for police, tour guides and paramedics.
  • Cash buffer, You might wonder why you still need cash if you are not heading to the mall or a fine dining restaurant. Emergencies can be in any form. Your car might be broken and you need to pay for another mode of transport. Cash-on-hand can bail you out of trouble.

Then, you can have peace of mind as you trek Singapore’s finest beaches and forests.

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