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Singapore Taxis

Singapore Taxis

Singapore taxis remain the most convenient and inexpensive way to get around the city.

Ridesharing apps may be rising in popularity, but the local taxi system has always been a reliable pillar of transportation.

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You may expect taxis in Asia to be dirty and uncomfortable, but the opposite is true in Singapore. They are always safe, clean, air-conditioned, and cosy.

Navigating the taxi system may be a little confusing at first since there are different companies operating cab services. All of them have different flag down rates as well as per-kilometre fees. Standard taxis are the most common; they are distinguishable by the colours used by each company. Comfort cabs are blue, Citycabs are yellow, Transcabs are red, Silvercabs are silver, SMRT is maroon, Prime is pink, and the Yellowtop cabs are black with yellow roofs.

Larger cabs are the premium taxis, which are white and can accommodate as many as seven people. The limousine taxis are mostly champagne or white Mercedes-Benz vehicles, or the black Chrysler sedans.

Hailing taxis is pretty straightforward. You can find them queuing outside malls and hotels. Alternatively, you can also hail one in the street just by giving a hand signal. Hailing taxis may be challenging between 4pm to 5pm since this is the start of rush hour, and many cab drivers also change their shifts during this time. Your best bet is to always make use of a taxi stand.

Singapore taxis are a good option even for those travelling in groups, and whether your destination is far or not. Keep in mind that there may be certain occasions when you pay more for a taxi, such as if you book it over the phone, travel after midnight, or need to get to the central business district.

But no matter what time your trip is, you can be assured that Singapore taxis are entirely safe.

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