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Car Hire
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Car Hire

Singapore is a location that has a fantastic infrastructure and easy to navigate roads. However, due to its small size, the number of private vehicles on the road is limited.

Hiring car services in Singapore certainly an option for visitors, particularly for those with elderly travellers or people with young children. However, please note that car hire in Singapore is not cheap.

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Before hiring a car in Singapore, you must have a valid overseas licence and present your passport to the car hire company.

Car hire can be quite expensive in Singapore (between S$70 to S$100 per day), so cheaper car hire is hard to come by. You will find the best deals if travelling in the low season (Nov, Jan) and if you book early, as online deals are often cheaper than booking as you arrive at the airport.

It is also important to keep in mind petrol and parking prices in Singapore, which are not cheap. Most visitors use the MRT and bus services due to their convenience, price and accessibility to most areas of Singapore.

But, if you are intent on booking a car during your stay, click the links below for the best car hire deals.

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