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Come along to Savour, a massive food festival held in the beautiful Marina Bay area of Singapore. Come and taste some delicious and creative food as well as meet celebrity chefs, taste amazing wines and have a great time with family and friends!

Savour, 2021 Ticket Dates, Gourmet Wines & Restaurants, Singapore

Savour started in 2015, and was created to showcase the amazing food and wine in Singapore as well as from around the world. Many events are free to enter and visitors will be able to taste wines from France, Argentina, Australia and so many more, as well as unique foods from all over the world.

Many international chefs will also take part, with food being prepared before your eyes as well as local restaurants taking part with some amazing creations. Every month, there will be different events scheduled.

There are three main events held within the Savour festival: Savour Gourmet, Savour Wines and Savour Christmas. Savour Gourmet is a massive food market with heaps of stalls serving up food from award-winning restaurants. Savour Wines will put visitors up close to over 400 wines available for trial and purchase as well as allow you to taste a range of freshly prepared dishes. Try some delicious turkey and ham at Savour Christmas and a range of Christmas treats!

So make sure to check out Savour during your next visit to Singapore.


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