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FitnessFest is one of Singapore’s largest health and fitness events.

Whether you’ve already met your fitness goals or not, this event will give you the motivation you need to get moving.

FitnessFest 2021 Dates, Prices, Tickets, Line Up & Schedule, Singapore

For a full 12 hours, attendees get to engage in a vast array of fun and challenging workouts led by professionals. Choose from your favourites or try something new; there will be yoga, CrossFit, Pilates, callisthenics, parkour, bouldering, boxing, and tons of other fun fitness activities that will get your heart racing.

These mass workouts have contagious energy, especially when done with dozens of other people in one class. If you’re having a tough time deciding which activity to try, head over to the discovery arenas where you can hop from one class to another – much like a fitness buffet!

The event isn’t all about just doing workouts. There will be delicious and nutritious food served throughout the day at the Food Village. Sink your teeth into guilt-free snacks such as protein bars, low-sugar desserts, and lip-smacking savoury treats.

Burn not just fat, but some cash too at the Shopping Village, which will be filled up with stalls selling gorgeous active apparel, clay masks, and natural skincare.

There is also a chance to get educated about diet and fitness at the Healthy Living Show, which features cooking demonstrations and workshops conducted by nutritional experts.

FitnessFest has featured some of the biggest names in fitness today, both abroad and in Singapore. It takes place around May each year at Marina Bay Sands. Standard entry is inclusive of a swag bag, shopping vouchers, sports towels, and other goodies.

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