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Top 10 Exotic Wedding Venues In Singapore

Top 10 Exotic Wedding Venues in Singapore

If something can match up to the importance of the bridal dress in a Singaporean wedding, it has to be the wedding venue! Choosing a venue in Singapore is never easy because there are so many. Each one stands out with its uniqueness and resplendence.

The city-state being a combination of architectural marvels and nature with its full gamut of colours, it is no wonder that it has some of the most iconic and magnificent wedding venues.

Why Singapore Has Such High-Quality Wedding Venues?

Singapore has transformed itself into one of the most exotic showpieces of globalisation and modern architecture from being a farrago of old customs and cultures. It has managed to encapsulate old-world charm and rehashed ideas from a bygone era to become an exemplar of modern urban life.

It is only natural for a city that gives so much importance to the well-being of its citizens to give special attention to weddings and everything associated with it – weddings being one of the most important social customs in Singapore!

Whether you want an intimate wedding in a surreal setting or an opulent one that manages to stun your guests, you’ll find your ideal wedding venue in Singapore.

Top 10 Exotic Wedding Venues In Singapore

A Matchless Hotel Bar

The Lantern Rooftop Hotel Bar sitting pretty atop The Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore is a sight to behold! It is considered to be among the best hotel bars in the world. With a seating capacity of 300, it’s a perfect wedding venue to invite your esteemed guests.

With a range of gourmet hors d’oeuvre and finest champagnes and wines on offer, this place offers a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The resident mixologist is known to whip up first-rate cocktails to add to the fine dining experience of your guests. The bar also offers a bird’s-eye view of the famous skyline and Marina Bay waterfront. The city will come alive before the eyes of your guests in all its glory!

A Fairy Tale Wedding

If you believe in magic and fairy tales, White Rabbit may be the best place in Singapore for you to exchange your solemn wows amid cheers and roars of approval from your friends and family. It can seat up to 150 guests.

The dacor will remind you of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Done up mostly in white with flowers for a touch of colour, it is an ideal place for semi-intimate weddings. If you want to lose yourself into the world of fantasy and wonder, away from the dull monotony of your city life, White Rabbit will certainly attract you.

Under the careful supervision of Head Chef Benjamin Tan, the chefs at White Rabbit can create timeless European classics!

Top 10 Exotic Wedding Venues In Singapore

A Spanish-themed Wedding

Looking to have a fuss-free wedding? Una at One Rochester offers you a great option to solemnise. Una is a tapas bar that captures the essence of Spanish food, especially grills and paellas.

Housed in a colonial enclave with a lush green expanse, it offers the quietude that you may be missing in the city. It offers an idyllic setting in the open-air garden downstairs complete with exquisite gazebos and lofty glass trellises. You can also seat your guests inside the tapas bar itself.

A Heavenly Affair

If you’re looking to have a happy marriage union in the presence of your friends and well-wishers in the verdant and mesmerising setting that’s offered by Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa, you’re making the right decision!

If you’re looking to keep things simple and traditional, you’ll love the green expanse and serenity offered by the poolside Garden Villa or the Spice Island Point, perfect for alfresco post-wedding parties. While the Gazebo at the resort will offer you a breathtaking view of the sea, the Courtyard with its meditative surroundings will help you soak up the love in the air.

If your entourage and guest list are too large, you can choose from one of the iconic ballrooms – Beaufort, Ginger and Straits.

Top 10 Exotic Wedding Venues In Singapore

A Floral Setting

If you want to provide a sensorial feel to your guests, host your grand solemnisation ceremony at Flower Field Hall, nestled within the bucolic surroundings of the Flower Dome in Bay South Garden. Your guests will be treated to a decorative flowery setting, which changes with seasons, themes and events.

The venue can easily accommodate up to 700 guests. Your guests will also love the expansive view of the Marina Bay skyline in the distance that can be seen from the other side of the hall.

Wedding in the Sky

Artemis Singapore is one of the more recent additions to the spectacular city skyline. Housed on the roof of the CapitaGreen building, it offers an unhindered view of the urban skyline.

You can either exchange your wedding vows under the open, blue sky or host a more sheltered party for your guests in the main dining hall or any of the two private dining halls, all three of which feature full glass facades that offer a glimpse of the enchanting city skyline.

Top 10 Exotic Wedding Venues In Singapore

A Royal Touch to Your Dream Wedding

How about getting married in a monumental colonial mansion? Alkaff Mansion will not only titillate your senses artistically but also cater authentic Italian cuisine to titillate the taste buds of your guests.

Ensconced in a colonial building with a rich heritage and a glorious history, this Italian restaurant has managed to capture the imagination of Singaporeans since 1918. Its scrumptious Italian cuisine has won numerous awards.

You could host your wedding under the starry sky in the open amid classic European fountains and beautiful garden landscape on the terrace or the courtyard.

Customised Wedding Set-up

What if someone tells you that there’s a place that allows you to choose from an array of pre-designed wedding themes for the most important day of your life? A one-of-a-kind boutique hotel, Hotel Fort Canning offers the perfect setting within the city to get married.

Against the backdrop of the grand and picturesque Fort Canning Park, it looks stunning. Nestled within 18 hectares of verdant parkland, this colonial-era building stands proudly as it welcomes its guests. It is centrally located and offers all the modern hospitality amenities you expect from a place like this. However, the old-world charm and quaint feel are still intact and make for a magical wedding.

Top 10 Exotic Wedding Venues In Singapore

A Hilltop Wedding

Does the idea of a hilltop wedding fascinate you? Then you can book a hall in Faber Peak, which stands 106 metres above sea level. It is the only hilltop wedding destination in Singapore.

Getting married here would be the perfect way to celebrate your unique love story. Standing on the edge of a hill and cut off from the cacophony of the city life, it is considered to be one of the most romantic venues in the world.

A Wedding That Architects Would Love to Attend

Singapore is a city full of skyscrapers and beautiful creations. However, not every day do you get to spend time inside PARKROYAL on Pickering, a wondrous creation that has managed to capture the imagination of architects from around the world.

Getting married here is a dream for many couples in Singapore. With glass walls all around, it is a sight to behold. Treat your guests to the ‘Organic Delight’, created with sustainably-sourced ingredients and served with love.


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