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Singapore Sim Cards

Singapore Sim Cards

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Prepaid Sim Cards are a convenient way to stay in touch with family and friends while travelling.

There are three main telecommunications companies in Singapore: M1, Starhub, and Singtel; all of them offer a range of sim card packages.

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Tourist sim cards are generally inexpensive, and if you’re travelling for up to two weeks, this is your best bet.

All three companies offer tourist sims with 100GB, though M1 and Starhub’s are the most popular and affordable. Starhub’s tourist sim packages offer longer minutes in international calls as well as 1GB of roaming data.

If you’re staying for longer than two weeks, you might find the Singtel hi!Tourist sim is more convenient. This one already comes with 100GB of local data plus 3GB roaming data on top of that.

Visitors staying for several months in Singapore should consider the M1 M Card Prepaid Sim. It provides you with basic communication amenities, but the ideal way to use the internet on this card would be to connect to Wi-Fi. If you are travelling to look for work and require a sim that is valid for a more extended period, check out the prepaid cards from Starhub, Singtel, and MI, which can last for 90 up to 180 days.

Some travellers find that data sims are more convenient as it allows you to communicate on social media networks or use browsing services to find the services you need while here. Many data packages offered by the three telecommunications companies are affordable and can cater to any duration of stay.

Keep in mind that mobile phones in Singapore operate on GSM 900 or 1800 frequency bands. This makes mobile phones from Asia and Europe compatible for the most part, although it may pose a problem for mobile phones from the United States or Canada. To be sure, check the specifications on your phone which can be found from the phone manual or your service provider.

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