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Flights To Singapore
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Flights to Singapore

Singapore is a city located in Southeast Asia and boasts of plenty of stunning natural attractions and is therefore amongst the major tourist destinations in the region.

With a pristine international airport, Singapore has become one of the busiest locations in Asia as it operates not only as a final destination for visitors but also a stop-over and transit airport for travellers.

Cheap Flights to Singapore, From Bali, Australia & London UK

There are many discount carriers who fly to and from Singapore and Singapore has a network that flies to literally hundreds of locations around the world.

There are hundreds of carriers who operate out of Singapore Airport including Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airways, Jetstar, Etihad, Delta, Air France, AirAsia, Emirates and Air New Zealand, just to name a few.

Flight time to Singapore from Melbourne, Australia takes approximately 7h45m; from Beijing, China is 6h30m; from London, England is 13h; and from New York, USA is 20h.

If you are arriving, departing or are here in transit, the Singapore Airport has plenty of things to keep you occupied during your wait. It is for this reason that the Singapore Airport has often been awarded the title of best airport in the world. Singapore Airport welcomes 136,000 passengers and its five terminals are well equipped to make your transit as easy and comfortable as possible.

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Flight Singapore - Kuala Lumpur ฿ 2,103–38,489 1h – 17h 10m
  •   Economy 06:40, 07:00, 08:25, 08:30, 09:20, 09:55, 10:40, 12:35, 12:40, 13:20, 13:40, 15:15, 16:05, 16:35, 17:00, 18:10, 18:30, 18:35, 19:15, 19:30, 21:15, 21:30, 23:55
Flight Singapore - Penang ฿ 1,940–5,692 1h 10m – 1h 35m
  •   Economy 07:25, 08:00, 09:00, 10:00, 11:25, 13:15, 14:35, 15:40, 19:00, 21:15, 21:40, 22:10
Flight Singapore - Bangkok ฿ 2,492–90,171 2h 20m – 16h 55m
  •   Economy 06:30, 07:15, 12:25, 13:50, 15:55, 19:15, 20:15, 20:50, 21:30
  •   Business 17:20, 20:15
Flight Singapore - Johor Bahru ฿ 2,503 2h 55m – 20h 15m
  •   Economy 12:40

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