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If you are looking to add a peaceful and scenic stop on your tour through Singapore, the Wenya area is definitely one you should consider.

A beautiful and renowned housing estate located in the Jurong West suburb of Singapore, this developing area is bounding with cultural architecture and surrounded by many sights and attractions.

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Previously dominated by jungles, swamps and hilly terrain, the area that is now Wenya did not undergo any type of civilized development until the 1970’s.

Along with being a beautiful place to stay and visit, the Wenya community is also nearby to numerous sites that are well worth visiting.

Jurong Lake Park for example is located just outside of the residential area and offers a wide variety of water and nature recreation activities that appeal to visitors of all ages. Also, if you decide to visit the lake, you will also be very near to the beautiful Chinese and Japanese Gardens. Marked by beautiful twin pagodas, this scenic location features several different types of Asian inspired gardens including both stone and bonsai gardens.

If you are interested in trying the best of the local cuisine that Wenya has to offer, it is definitely worth stopping at the Jurong West Food Centre. This open bazaar style food centre features dozens of local vendors who are busy preparing fresh, local favourites for you to enjoy.

Also keep in mind that if you would like the opportunity to teach your children a bit about the time-old farming culture of the region, Wenya is also home to an attraction that is known as the Farmart Centre. This child friendly facility allows children to interact with local varieties of farm animals and learn how natives of the area survived from farming before the modern era.

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