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Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden is a 13.5 hectare garden that was built in 1975 by the renowned Taiwanese architect Professor Yuen-Chen Yu.

The Chinese Garden was modelled after the landscaping of the Sung dynasty of Northern China and, typical of this style, you will see a pair of majestic stone lions guarding its gates.

Chinese Garden Singapore, Entrance Fee, Opening Hours & MRT

Within the gardens, you will find ponds, streams, a Chinese Pagoda, Bonsai trees and statues of Chinese heroes which make the Chinese Gardens the ideal place for you to enjoy some serenity.

Enjoy the unique architectural features which make the Chinese Garden so unique. The Stone Boat, Pagodas, Pavilions, Bonsai Garden, the Live Turtle, bridges, Tea House and Stone Lions are some of the artistic masterpieces that stand out in the garden.

Climb the stairs of the Pagoda to catch a great view of the garden and the nearby Jurong Lake and golf course. The garden is not only spacious with almost 6000 sq. meters of beautiful space, but it is also accessible through bridges which symbolise good luck.

The Chinese Garden is also the perfect place to visit during the Chinese New Year (Jan/Feb) and the Mid-Autumn Festival (September). Come and enjoy art and culture entertainment from live Kungfu and acrobatic shows. It is also common to find couples shooting wedding photos within the gardens as they capture their special day in this beautiful location.

The gardens are a smoke-free environment. Cycling is permitted inside the gardens, but please be considerate of those walking (electronic bicycles are not permitted). The gardens are wheelchair and pram accessible, with most pathways wide with only a gentle slope. There are only a couple of pagodas that cannot be accessed as there are stairs, however, they can be viewed easily from the main path. Pets are welcome in the garden, however, they should remain on a leash at all times.

To get to the gardens, catch the MRT and get off at Chinese Garden Station. Then take a short 5-minute walk to the gardens.


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The Chinese Garden is closed from 31 May 2019 for redevelopment works. Expected completion is at the end of 2021

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