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Jurong Lake

Jurong Lake

Located in western Singapore, Jurong Lake is a suburb known for its large freshwater lake which serves as a reservoir contributing to the water supply of Singapore.

There are also expansive landscaped grounds located around the lake which is known as Jurong Lake Park.

Jurong Lake District Singapore, Park Map, Country Club & Hotels

There are two islands located within the lake, each featuring its own botanical garden. On the first island there is a Chinese Garden and on the second there is a Japanese Garden. Both are beautiful displays of nature that people love to stroll through and admire.

Swimming is prohibited at Jurong Lake, however, fishing is allowed. The surrounding area is filled with a lush, green park and a lakeside village. For more nature fun, be sure to bring binoculars to Jurong Bird Park. They have scheduled shows, feedings, exhibits and special experiences.

Nearby destinations include the Singapore Science Centre and the Jurong Country Club. The Singapore Science Centre is the perfect attraction for family-friendly fun. Their featured educational science and technology information is appropriate for all ages.

Good weather days are also a great time to spend on the golf course at the Jurong Country Club. This award winning golf course has over 18 holes and a fully lit driving range. In addition, they are also one of the first clubs to hold night golfing activities.

History buffs won’t be disappointed by the Memories at Old Ford Factory Museum, which is located inside a historical building that was opened to the public in 2006. Watch documentaries there on the Ford Motor Factory and learn about Singapore’s history during World War II.

Finally, any traveller would be remiss to not take advantage of all the great casual and sit down dining options around Jurong Lake. So if you are looking for accommodation here, click the link below to find the best deals.

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