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Southern Islands

Southern Islands

The vibrant culture of Singapore and the magic of island life are pooled in the Southern Islands off the central coast of mainland Singapore.

These islands comprise of Sentosa Island, Pulau Hantu, Pulau Semakau, Lazarus Island, St. John’s Island, Kusu Island and the Sisters’ Islands.

Southern Islands Singapore, Fishing, Sentosa & Hotel & Resorts

Your first island stop may be on Sentosa Island where, after a 2km walk along powder-soft beach sand with refreshing salt water nudging your feet, you may decide to make your way to one of the pristine golf courses located here.

If you prefer something with a little more kick, head to Resorts World Sentosa. Resorts World Sentosa brings with it some of the most exciting attractions in Singapore including Universal Studios, S.E.A Aquarium, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Dolphin Island, The Maritime Experiential Museum and Trick Eye Museum.

For a tranquil and concealed experience in contrast to Sentosa, your next stop may be Lazurus Island, where more natural and quiet beaches are nestled. Here, you can immerse yourself with warm rays of the setting sun. Next, go star-gazing from your tent at Pulau Hantu or the Sisters’ Islands.

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