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Jurong West
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Jurong West

Jurong West is a fairly modern urban area that occupies the southwest of Singapore. It’s mostly covered by massive residential projects, industrial zones and open spaces, all which make it a unique destination worth visiting.

There are a total of nine sub-zones within Jurong West, making this town a large residential hub with schools, shopping malls and restaurants all within its precincts.

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There are also many things to do for visitors to Jurong West including the Singapore Discovery Centre which is a location where visitors can learn about the history of Singapore. The centre uses state of the art interactive devices to tell Singapore’s story, and there are many interesting displays located here.

One of the most notable attractions within the centre is the ‘Visionarium’ which features an incredibly big dome that contains a 360-degree video screen. You can also find a shooting gallery and a 3D cinema here.

Jurong Lake Park and the Chinese Garden borders Jurong West on the eastern side, so you can undoubtedly stop off at this beautiful location for a relaxing stroll or picnic during your time in Singapore. Travel a little further east, and you have the Science Centre, a place where you can learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

If you are interested in shopping, the Jurong Point Shopping Mall is well-accessible by bus services from all the residential precincts of Jurong. This is one of the largest malls in Singapore and sells a large variety of retail products, including clothing and accessories.

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