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Serangoon North
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Serangoon North

Serangoon North is located in central Singapore and consists of a group of HDB apartments that are situated north of the Serangoon New town.

The entire area is sandwiched with Serangoon gardens on the South east and Ang Mo Kio to the west, as well as Hougang to the east.

Serangoon North Singapore, Central Plaza & Hotels

Serangoon North has neighbourhood districts N1 and N5 with Zone 5 being the most recent addition to Serangoon North.

Serangoon North is characterised with numerous facilities and beautiful amenities. For example, inside the 151 to 154 blocks at the Seragoon North Village, there is a retail shopping area known as Central Plaza. This mall attracts 24-hour giant supermarkets and various shopping outlets.

Other amenities in both the Serangoon North village and the Serangoon North estate including restaurants, a community centre, the Zong Yi Tian Ming temple, the Serangoon Garden secondary school.

Generally, the area is served with an efficient and a reliable transport system that constitutes of roads and rail transport systems and both are supplement by buses as well as trams.

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