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Hougang is a well-known residential suburb and an urban planning area in north-eastern Singapore.

It is located in the upstream at the back of Sungei Seragoon, thus borders Seragoon to the south and Sengkang to the north.

Hougang Singapore, Mall, Park, MRT & Hotel Accommodation

Surprisingly, this area was once a huge piece of desert land and was mainly used to farm pigs while at the same time serving as a fishing port. Currently, it is now an HDB new town with over 40,000 housing units mixed together with a number of private residential areas and with a total population of about 896,800 residents.

A number of the Singaporean-Chinese population that reside in this area are known to speak mainly in the Teochew dialect since most of them came from the Teochew community at Kampong Punggol.

The Hougang residential zone was designed to offer self-sufficient accommodation with enough facilities and amenities to curtail the number of residents that commute to the Central Area of Singapore. Some of the most magnificent, self-sufficient facilities and amenities in Hougang include a sports stadium, the home ground to the Hougang United, an Indoor sports complex, shopping malls, an aquatics centre and various other parks such as the Punggol Park, together with numerous market areas.

The most prominent landmark in this area is the Bangkok Green Medical Park which is known to house the SILRA and the Institute of Mental Health. The transport system in this entire area is very reliable and constitutes not just of an efficient road transport but also a very well-organised railway and an air transport system.

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