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Sembawang is located on the northern part of Singapore and it boasts a large number of residential estates and also hosts a navy military base.

The town was originally a British military base built around the 1920’s to stop any external threat from Far East countries.

Sembawang Hot Springs, Hotel Accommodation & Map, Singapore

Sembawang Park is one of the major attractions in the town. In the park you will be amazed by the beauty of the Beaulieu House that is the remains of a house built in around the 1920’s. You will find a number of residents strolling and jogging around the park. It also has a beach side where most people go to swim and even to fish as it is one of the few fishing grounds in the area.

The area also houses other historical sites such as the Kampong Wak Hassan, Melayu Sembawang, Masjid Petempatan and the Admiralty House. Other important attractions include the Bottle Tree village and also the Sembawang hot spring.

The Sembawang Hot Spring was discovered in 1909 and is Singapore mainland’s only natural hot spring All you need to do is to pack your bags where you can enjoy this relaxing attractions and the natural white sandy beaches located nearby.

Accommodation is readily available as there are many residential blocks such as the Sembawang HDB estate that are furnished with some of the most impressive amenities. There are a number of 5-Star hotels such as the Orchid Country club, Golden Orientus Resort and the Bejaya Waterfront Hotel. Here, you will have a chance to taste the Singaporean cuisine such as the Bak kut teh and the Bak Chang.

On top of that there are a number of shopping malls where you can purchase a wide variety of products such as the Sembawang Shopping Centre, Sun Plaza and even the Capita Mall.

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