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Sembawang Park
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Sembawang Park

Sembawang Park is an expansive park located in Sembawang in the northern parts of Singapore.

This tranquil park obtained its name from the Sembawang Tree (botanical name: Mesua ferruinea), and is one of the richest historical destinations in the country.

Sembawang Park, BBQ, Restaurant, Playground, Cafe & Singapore Map

The park’s strong historical ties with the colonial period are some of the aspects that make this park stand out. The Sembawang shipyard which is located in the western part of the park, once served as the HM Naval Base for the Britons. The park’s strategic location made it a perfect base for the British Royal Navy to set base during the 1920s. The Naval Base remained operational until the year Singapore gained independence.

During the World War II period, the dockyard was shut down before Britain finally surrendered to Japan. For visitors who are keen in learning more about the history of Sembawang Park, a visit to the Memories at Old Ford Factory Museum is a great option. The naval base was then converted to a shipyard and eventually to the park that it is today.

In blending the natural outdoors with rich history, this serene park gives visitors an excellent opportunity to learn more about Singapore’s naval heritage in a fun setting. Sembawang Park is strategically located near the sea, with magnificent views of the straits of Johor. There is no better way to enjoy a serene day than chilling by the sea and enjoying the cool breeze. Alternatively, enjoy a barbecue at the park with friends and family as kids play nearby in the playground.

The maritime-themed playground at the park is the perfect location for visiting families. The playground boasts of a maritime theme that goes hand in hand with the park’s history in the naval past. The playground’s design is inspired by the warship structure that boasts of smoke stacks, several propellers, a rudder and even a gun turret.

Amenities available at the park include washrooms, barbecue pits and picnic tables. Sembawang Park is an exciting destination awaiting your visit for an unforgettable vacation.

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