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Queenstown is located on the western part of the island and is roughly 9 kilometres to the central business district.

Queenstown was one of the first suburbs in Singapore, developed through programs that were financed by the government in the 1960s. The satellite town was named after Queen Elizabeth II, hence the name Queenstown.

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Also important is the fact that the town houses a number of significant institutions to offer services to residents. Such institutions include the Alexandra Hospital, the Queensway Shopping Centre, a police centre, the New Town Primary School and the MDIS Campus to offer educational facilities to students.

Addition, Queenstown also has a number of secured residential estates such as Princess Estate which was the first sub-district followed by the Duchess Estate. Other estates include the Queen’s Close, the Tanglin Halt and the Commonwealth Estate.

The impressive infrastructure is well-built to ensure smooth functioning of the daily activities around the entire district. The population is mainly composed of the elderly and a small portion of the younger generation. Over the years the various estates have undergone massive changes, through the frequent developments to change its appearance to become a more appealing and even modern district.

Another important aspect about the town is that it boasts many amenities around the area. From open car parks to a wide range of hotel-restaurants, such as the Eng-Kee Chicken Wings. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery in Hort Park which is located in the outskirts of the town. Hort Park covers a vast area of 23 hectares and comprises of 21 themed gardens that have a wide range of benefits from being a source for research and recreational activities.

If you are looking to do some shopping, then stop by the Queensway Shopping Centre. There are also a range of hotels and other accommodations options in Queenstown. Click the link below to find the best accommodation deals.

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