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Queensway Shopping Centre

Queensway Shopping Centre

The Queensway Shopping Centre was one of the first multi-purpose retail centres opened in Singapore.

It opened its doors way back in 1976 and continues to be a popular shopping destination for locals and tourists alike.

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The development features a 13-storey residential tower, while the shopping mall has 150 shops, as well as an exhibition hall, a night club, and coffee shops.

It’s best known for its vast selection of sporting shops, and visitors frequently come to source apparel and sports gear at affordable prices. This is also why it’s been given the nickname of Singapore’s Sports Mall.

Pretty much everything you’ll ever need for sports can be found at its many specialty boutiques such as LE Way, Sports World, I-Run, Transworld Sports, Smash Sport, and Sports Finesse.

Because so many great deals can be found at the different sports shops, it’s recommended you have a look around first to compare the prices at each of the stores.

The mall also has many food outlets in and nearby, ideal for when your hunger strikes after a full day shopping.

Queensway Shopping Centre is located at 1 Queensway in Singapore.