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Jurong West Central

Jurong West Central

Jurong West Central is the central sub-zone of Jurong West urban planning area in southwest Singapore.

The town centre boasts a well-developed infrastructure system, two great shopping malls and two recreational parks.

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Expats, tourists and locals are able to move around Jurong West Central with ease due to the MRT as you will find the Pioneer and Boon Lay MRT stations located here. There are also bus transfers and several main roads in the town centre.

The shopping experience of the central sub-zone is just amazing, from foods to beverages or fashion and lifestyle products there is something for everybody. Stop by the Pioneer mall or the Jurong point shopping centre to pick up some unique items. Pioneer Mall also has a HDB Pioneer service centre and medical clinics and thee Jurong Point shopping centre is home to restaurants, banks and fitness centres.

Anyone who goes to Jurong West must visit the Jurong Central Park. The park is a recreational center where you can enjoy your time with friends and family. Most popular activities on the park are jogging, cycling, outdoor fun and photography. Jurong central park is renowned for having board-games (snakes and ladders playground and Ludo garden) and abundance of flora that is perfect for a picnic. Pioneer gardens is another amusing park worth a visit.

The best thing with this particular Jurong West sub-zone is the central location. That means it is easy to get to other attractions within the residential and industrial suburb. If you are looking for accommodation here, click the link below to find the best deals.

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