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Church of Saints Peter and Paul

The history of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul is connected to the start and eventual growth of the Chinese Catholic Community within Singapore.

The church was constructed around 1869 to 1870 and was built by the Chinese Catholic Mission which serves a congregation for all Chinese Catholic groups. In addition, the church was also visited by European missionaries who wanted to learn the Chinese or Mandarin language before they would proceed to head over to different areas to preach.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul Singapore – Mass Schedule & Map

The Church of Saints Peter and Paul was constructed in a Gothic style which was trending during the colonial era in Singapore. As you enter, take notice of the facade which features the Saints Peter and Paul and the belfry which has three bells made out of bronze. If you would look closely, these bells have Christ and the Virgin Mary engraved on them.

As for the interior, you will find some beautiful stained glass windows which depicts patron saints and many other religious figures. Over the years, this church has undergone many renovations and transformations which makes it the beautiful church that it is today.

Visitors are welcome, but please dress modestly and ensure that you are respectful of any services taking place. Please remove hats and do not use your flash if you wish to take photos inside the church.

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225A Queen Street
Singapore, Singapore

Opening Hours
Mass Services (English)
Saturday : 5.30pm
Sunday: 11am, 4.20pm
Weekdays: 7.20am & 5.30pm

Phone Number
+65 6337 2585

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