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Palawan Kidz City

Palawan Kidz City

The Palawan Kids City on Sentosa Island is one of Singapore’s best kid-friendly experiences.

This unique destination was made entirely for children, but with such state-of-the-art educational and entertainment activities, parents will have a blast too!

Palawan Kidz City, Entry Prices & Tickets, Sentosa Island, Singapore

Within the “city”, visitors will find a range of theme parks. The most popular of these is KidZania, which also happens to be the largest family entertainment centre in all of Singapore.

Kidzania is completely decked out with impressive decor, facilities, and amenities; including vehicles and buildings that give kids the feel of actually being in their own little city, which is 81,000 square feet in size. But what makes KidZania stand out is that its unique concept is focused on role play, where interactive activities give children above the age of 4 to learn what it’s like to play, work, and learn in their own miniature city decked out with a functioning economy.

As kids play games and join activities, they get to learn valuable real-world skills associated with certain professions. Check out the many exciting career simulations at the Bank and Vault, Arts Academy, Chiropractic Clinic, Courier Service, Driving School, Film School, Fire Station, and much more!

If you are here for the whole day and want to get something to eat or drink, there are options available at KidZania. These include KFC, Killiney Kopitiam, KZ Kafe, Good Old Days Express, Parents Lounge, and Pizza Hut – all serving a good mixture of finger food and proper meals.

Kids can get the opportunity to role-play as Chefs at the Chicken Restaurant, Pizza Shop or Soup Kitchen and make their own meals.

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What are the Palawan Kidz City entry prices?
Kid (3 - 17 yrs old): $62
Adult (18 - 59 yrs old): $35
Senior (60 yrs+): $25
Toddler / Infant (under 3 yrs old): Free

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