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River Safari Singapore

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Singapore is home to many firsts in Asia, and the River Safari Singapore is one of them. The attraction features the first and only wildlife adventure park in the region to take the freshwater ecosystem as a theme.

River Safari Singapore hosts a collection of at least 5,000 animals from various species, 42 of which are currently endangered.

River Safari Singapore, Zoo Ticket Price, Opening Hours & Map

River Safari Singapore guarantees real encounters with rare river-thriving animals like giant otters, salamanders and the giant Mekong catfish, which is critically endangered due to overfishing. The River Safari also has a walk-through gallery showcasing various freshwater animals kept in naturalistic enclosures.

Another prominent attraction at the River Safari is the Giant Panda Forest which houses the lovely panda couple Jia-Jia and Kai-Kai. These endangered animals are loaned by China to Singapore for 10 years to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the friendly relationship between the two nations.

River Safari Singapore also offers the one-of-a-kind experience of exploring the ‘habitat’ of the Mekong River which is Southeast Asia’s longest freshwater river. This man-made river simulates the deep waters and the natural environment of Mekong.

The River Safari also has an artificial flooded forest that resembles that of the Amazon after being taken over by a heavy downpour. To give guests the complete Amazonian feel, the flooded forest is also graced by different animals which are endemic to the Amazon such as the arapaima and the manatee.


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