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Mandai is a district located in the northern part of Singapore which gets its name from the Mandai tree.

Though largely underdeveloped, it has a beautiful landscape with plenty of swampy areas covered in mangrove forests. Additionally, Mandai area has been used for military purposes for a long time.

Mandai Singapore Zoo Map & Night Safari, Hotel Accommodation

Mandai district is not densely populated. It is however one of the best known wildlife attractions in Singapore. Its natural environment makes it a flourishing home to numerous flora and fauna. It is here in Mandai that the acclaimed Singapore Zoo is located.

The Singapore Zoo is set within a 40-hectare rainforest and houses over 2500 animals including tigers, giraffes, sea-lions, orangutans, elephants, lions, pandas, kangaroos and koalas. There are a number of ‘regions’ within the Zoo which classify animals based on origin, so grab a park map and head around the world to ‘Wild Africa’, ‘Australia’, ‘Valley of Ethiopia’ and ‘Primate Kingdom’, just to name a few.

One of the best ways to experience the Zoo is to take the tram ride which takes you in open sided tram cars around the park to introduce you to many of the popular animals in the zoo. Audio commentary will direct you through each enclosure and you are able to hop-on and hop-off when it suits you.

Another fun activity to enjoy whilst in Mandai is the Singapore Night Safari. The Night Safari is home to over 130 species totalling about 2500 nocturnal animals that graze, hunt and breed across the massive 40-hectare park.

The night safari features the Tram Safari Experience, which takes visitors on a guided tour across the wildlife park. The tour covers seven zones representing various geographical points in the world such as the Himalayan Foothills and the Asian Riverine Forest.

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