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Toh Guan
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Toh Guan

The small but modern area of Toh Guan is located just south of Jurong Central and is about a half-hour drive from the Changi airport.

The area of Toh Guan primarily contains industrial factories, warehouses and plants, but is also known for the IMM mega-mall, a popular shopping destination and landmark for many tourists and people who reside in West Singapore.

Toh Guan Singapore, Mega Mall, MRT & Hotel Accommodation

Toh Guan is mostly a heartland area, so it contains many Singapore locals. Most people in this neighbourhood speak English and, whilst very modern, Toh Guan remains a traditional, pleasant neighbourhood.

The impressive IMM Mega Mall can be seen from Jurong Central. The mall has five stories and more than two hundred retail outlets. This gigantic mall beckons its visitors inside with an Olympic-sized ice rink, Singapore’s first IMAX theatre in the suburbs and great discounts on Singapore’s trendiest brand items.

Toh Guan’s restaurants serve delicious international cuisine, fast food as well as traditional local favourites.

The IMM Mega Mall also boasts a free bus service that smoothly ferries visitors between the Mass Rapid Transit station and the IMM Mega Mall. There is also another bus service that shuttles between the International Business Park and the mall.

The Ulu Pandan Water Reclamation Plant (aka PUB Plant) is located in East Toh Guan. Water reclamation from the PUB Plant purifies wastewater or sewage to remove impurities so that the water can be used for agricultural and landscape irrigation, industrial purposes, toilet flushing and more. The PUB typically produces about 32 million gallons of water every day.

Toh Guan contains many head offices and factories for popular technology companies such as Samsung and Acer. This can be a fun place for people who love technology to visit as well. While Toh Guan does contain many factories, it remains a peaceful and quiet neighbourhood. Click the link below to find the best accommodation deals in Singapore.

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