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Tengah is subzone located on the northern outskirts of Jurong and on the west side of Bukit Batok.

Though still under construction, Tengah has a lot to offer to both locals and international visitors. Its large tracks of land have made a positive impact towards the economy of Singapore as a whole.

Tengah Dairy & Orchid Farms & Hotel Accommodation, Singapore

Tengah is major agricultural hub and it’s the best destination if you love farming. This is one place you are guaranteed to learn new farming skills as well as see new types of crops and flowers. Orchids are the major export item from Singapore and Tengah has Singapore’s three largest orchid farms within its precincts.

If are interested in learning about dairy farming, Hays Diaries in Tengah is the best destination for you. This diary plant offers educational tours to its visitors. Seminars and brief demonstrations are held daily at 30 minutes intervals from 9am to 4pm.

There are no accommodation options available in Tengah, so click the links below to find a huge range of options in other areas of Singapore.

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