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Sungei Kadut
Image by: Sivasothi N. [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0], via Flickr

Sungei Kadut

Located in the north western region of Singapore, Sungei Kadut is the heart of the furniture-making industry in Singapore.

A number of furniture making factories have opened shop in the industrial estate of Sungei Kadut, making it a seat of economic activity.

Sungei Kadut Singapore, Reservoir, MRT & Hotel Accommodation

Etymologically the word ‘Sungei’ means river whereas ‘kadut’ means ‘of sack’. Prior to its development Sungei Kadut had been a swampy area with mangrove forests around what is presently known as the Kranji Reservoir. The place is historically significant as well. Sungei Kadut was one of the first places that the Japanese soldiers had chosen to enter during the Second World War. It was much later that industrial growth started in the area.

A walk by the Kranji Reservoir is quiet and peaceful and is a nice way to spend a sunny afternoon. The transport network in Sungei Kadut is however not as modern as many other areas of Singapore as the area is only serviced by a bus.

Though primarily an industrial estate, Sungei Kadut is not without its charms. It has a great ambience to work in and an unsuspecting stranger will be blown away by the quiet appeal portrayed by its beautiful scenery.

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