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Kranji Marshes
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Kranji Marshes

Kranji Marshes is a freshwater marsh located in Singapore and is one of the biggest in the country at approximately 56.8 hectares in size.

The marsh is located along the north-western shore of Kranji Reservoir, so if you love the outdoors, then this is a great place to visit on your next trip to Singapore.

Kranji Marshes, Address, Opening Hours & Walks Map, Singapore

The site offers an extensive collection of flora and fauna with over 170 bird species, 54 types of butterflies and 33 dragonfly varieties. Besides that, this march is an important ecological site as it is home to marsh birds as well as other significant habitats including grasses and woodland areas.

Tourists can enjoy an adventure of walking along the Neo Tiew Woods while looking out for birds and reptiles all year round. The Marsh Station is one of the birds’ favourite hideouts and visitors can view some of the shy birds here including the Purple Swamphen and the Common Moorheen.

Take a free guided walk known as “Evening Chorus” at Kranji Marshes’ which is a free activity that occurs between 4.30 to 6.30pm once per month, on a Saturday afternoon. During the nature walk, travellers get to enjoy the spectacular species residing in the marsh, grass and woodland habitats. Besides this, the volunteers also lead the travellers into the ecologically sensitive conservation area that is usually closed to the public. The other great activity at the Marsh includes enjoying the magnificent panoramic scenery from the top of the Raptor Tower.

Before visiting the marsh, it is important to note that the terrain is rugged in some parts and therefore may not be fit for young kids for those with strollers. Visitors should make sure they wear appropriate footwear and carry water with you. Also, pets are not permitted in the Kranji Marshes due to the protected nature of many of the species here. Cycling is also not permitted as it may cause a disturbance to the wildlife.

You can get to the Kranji Marshes by driving or by taking the MRT & a bus. For those driving, there is a car park with 20 parking spaces located at Kranji Gate. If travelling by MRT, alight at Kranji Station and catch a bus (between 8.30am to 5.45pm). Get off at D’Kranji Farm Resort and walk to Kranji gate from here.

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