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Simpang is a Chinese word meaning ‘new nation’. It is an area on the north side of Singapore, located at the north-east part of Yishun Town.

Simpang is currently a swampy area being use by the Singapore Armed Forces as their training ground.

Simpang Singapore, Seletar Airport & Hotel Accommodation

Simpang is bordered by Sembawang and Yishan to the west and south-west respectively. You will not find any attractions within Simpang itself, so visitors are best looking for activities within the nearby towns.

Simpang also connects via road to the nearby Seletar Airport. Seletar Airport was built by the British just before WWII where it served as a military base. Today, the airport is managed by Changi Airport Group and is currently used for flight school training, charter flights and aircraft repairs.

There are no accommodation options for visitors to Simpang. Instead, visitors are better off searching in the nearby towns of Sembawang or Yishan. Click the link below to find the best deals.

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